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Strategic Accounting Tips For Standardizing and Scaling Your Firm

December 26, 2018

Every owner of an accounting firm understands the struggle one goes through from being a start-up firm to a well-established organization. You undergo several stages that can be very challenging.

At the beginning, only one thing really matters, Survival! Your main concern is increasing your customer base and revenue through all ways possible. But, while planning for the long-term growth, you must make some strategic choices that go hand in hand with the visions you have. And that’s where scaling up comes into play.

Why Accounting Is The Backbone of Scaling Up?

Accountants are the unsung heroes in every business, right from start up and all the way through the development stages. Good accounting gives the firm a firm foundation and ensures survival even during hard times. It creates transparency and gives the company a positive visibility. Failure in this key sector will doom the company to a definite future failure.

The Key Accounting Tips For Scaling a Firm

1. Pay Key Attention On Your Expenses

This might seem to be very obvious and known to many. But the real question here is to what extent do you monitor the expenses? One of the major mistakes most start ups make is focusing a lot of attention on spending to grow the business and not paying much details on the expenses.

They neglect to record all the expenses except for only what they deem important to them. They ignore the procedures with the excuse that their business is not big enough. This eventually continues dragging the company through the mud until the situation gets out of control.

2. Consider Hiring an Expert

Entrepreneurs with basic understanding of balance sheet and managing expenses have the temptation of managing everything by themselves. But those who have tried it know how overwhelming it can be.
Well, one might argue that why hire someone else if you can manage by yourself?

But, if you are planning for the long-term success, your objective shouldn’t be about "just getting by." One main thing to consider to consider in it all is time. As the saying goes, TIME IS MONEY. Hiring an expert will not only improve the general efficiency and revenue in the long run but also save a lot of time.

3. Set Data Driven Goals

Every successful business owner understands the importance of data. Paying close attention to data enables you to monitor your progress, profits as well as loses. It is helpful in identifying trends in the early stages like the increase in revenue or costs. With this information, you can identify and correct problems before they become a big threat.

4. Embrace Automation in Your Firm

It's true some of the operations in your company will require your manual involvement. This is for some reasons such as ensuring consistency and accountability. But this shouldn’t lead one to concluding that everything should be run manually.

Embracing automation is one of the greatest driving forcing for all successful companies.

There are many softwares in the market today that can help you with automation. One of these is our accounting software vapor. This is your bridge to the next level in your firm. It greatly improves the efficiency and transforms your business in a way you have never seen before. Within just a short time, you will start enjoying the great benefits of embracing automation in your firm.


Accounting is a very essential sector in every business. It goes hand in hand with the success of firms. Do it well and you will reap unprecedented benefits, fail at it and your business fails too. Whether you fail to stay on top of receivables, neglect to record cash expenses, leave off expense reports, suffer poor communication, or commit any number of other errors, accounting mistakes can doom your business.

Some of the tips of scaling your business include paying close attention to expenses, hiring an expert and setting data driven goals. To sum up it up all, embracing automation is the current trend and game changer. One of the latest softwares that has addressed all the accounting problems is vapor. Find out more about it here.


Jeremiah Mombo is a freelance Blog writer based in Toronto, Canada.

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