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Four best accounting software programmes for your growing SME business

February 01, 2019

In this generation where businesses are increasingly moving towards being technology driven, it is important to synchronize all business divisions on the online platform so as to enable easy operations throughout. This holds true for the accounting and finance operations of the business as well.

However if your concern has just started off or is in its primary development stage, opting to select high end accounting softwares such as Oracle or Net suite ERP which entail heavy financial expenditure for installation , set up and maintenance would not be a very desirable option.

Worry not though; we bring to you 4 amazing accounting software programmes designed especially for small and medium sized entrepreneurships. Scroll down to know further.

  1. Fresh Books
  2. FreshBooks is a finance & accounting software for small business owners. It has been built specially for small and medium sized businesses. The main advantage of this software is flexibility and seamless integrity at SME friendly pricing packages. The main benefits of freshbooks are as under.

    1. Customization: you can customize your financial documents by modifying their design, colors, and logo etc. Creating professional-looking invoices can also be done in a few clicks.
    2. Ease of operations: This programme is very user friendly and it does not require the user to have expert accounting skills for operations. A number of its functions are automated thereby turning complex financial management into an enjoyable experience.
    3. Seamless Integration: The software integrates seamlessly with a variety of third-party apps such as Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, and G Suite. This will also make it easier for you to keep track of collections from clients and debtors.
    4. Mobile Presence: Freshbooks has its mobile apps which are available on both iOS and Android, and this enables you to carry on accounting functions anytime, anywhere, even out of office!!The information in the apps can be synced across all your devices to ensure that you have uniform access to data at all times.
  3. Wave Accounting
  4. This seems to be the best free accounting software for small businesses. Yes!! You read it right; this accounting software provides accounting services for free and is well suited for service-based business startups. It is also a go to for self-employed – entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants for the following reasons.

    1. Ease of use: operating the software is extremely easy and one can get started just by creating an account with a relevant email-Id and password.
    2. Customization: The software directly designs your dashboard and other documents so that information such as business address and phone number automatically appears on invoices and other documents.
    3. Report generation: Wave can easily and quickly create accurate financial reports, such as balance sheets, sales tax reports, profit and loss, a general ledger and more.
  5. Sage 50 cloud
  6. Sage 50 cloud (Sage 50c) is an easy to use Accounting Software solution for small to medium size businesses. It offers features such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Cash Flow Management, to Inventory Management, Invoicing and Online Returns. This software is much sought after for its following features that truly stand out.

    1. Inventory updation: The software perform stock takes and automatically updates stock levels so that reorder date and quantity can be decided upon faster.
    2. Easy collection: you can give your clients multiple payment options be it online, over the phone or in person, sage 50 accepts and records receipts from all major forms of payment and the benefit is that Sage Pay by Sage, dovetails perfectly with Sage 50cloud Accounts software, giving you the ability to manage finances from a single viewpoint.
    3. A host of other functionalities: apart from accounting programmes. Sage offers a host of other functions such as the sage accounting software training module that can be used to upgrade your business operations at minimum costs and efforts.
  7. Vapor Interface
  8. Vapor Interface is a relatively new accounting software programme in the market of accounting software providers but the programme concentrates on some of the most crucial accounting functions such as the Accounts receivable analysis and Accounts Payable aging metrics which ensure that your business does not waste precious time and efforts to ensure quicker collection from debtors and timely payment for raw materials and supplies.

    Vapor takes care of all your accounting needs with its varied features such as invoices, expenses, payments, accounts and reports and truly ensures that you can take your business to the next level.

    1. Added to this is the advantage of constant business monitoring through the various performance measurement metrics such as the balance sheet and asset and liability analysis which lets you tack your business growth efficiently and accurately.
    2. With timely reporting features, you can rest assured that your business is ever ready to meet any statutory and tax requirements without last minute delays and the anxiety accompanying it.
    3. The features of this interface are easy to use thus ensuring that the programme becomes a trusted partner in your business’s growth story.
    4. The programme ably manages all accounts and payments aspects of your enterprise, leaving you to focus entirely on the growth and development strategies to take your business forward.

    Click here to experience a whole new world of online accounting operations today!

While there are a lot of other options available in the market, vapor interface seems to be liked by and has received reliable recommendations from all its users as well. So all new entrepreneurs let all your accounting tensions vaporize with the new intuitive and accurate accounting software by vapor interface designed specifically for you and your precious business.


Shruthi Desai is a freelance Blog writer based in India.

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